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Param Shivay:- Supercomputer


Param Shivay Indias other new and an excellent supercomputer with increased efficiency. It’s an 833 TerraFlop supercomputer which is in IIT BHU(Indian Institute of Technology(Banaras Hindu University)).

This computer has been made entirely in India. With the advent of this computer, Digital India and Make in India scheme reached a new level.

In the absence of this computer, the research that took months to complete, now, it would be completed in hours or minutes with its help.


The National Supercomputer Mission (NSM) is a major initiative from the Government of India. Under the NSM, IIT BHU gets the facility to promote Digital India and Make in India. It will play an important role in keeping India forefront of the world's supercomputing map.

Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has created 'Param Shivay', the first supercomputer of 833 TerraFlop capacity under the NSM series.




  • Secondary storage:- 1 petabyte.
  • RAM type:-DDR4.
  • Capacity:-833 teraflop.
  • Application software suite using 223 processor nodes.
  • 384 GB per node DDR4 RAM.
  • A Parallel file system.
  • Cost :- 32.5 crore.




The benefits of supercomputers will be given to faculty members, scientists and research students of IIT BHU. computer power will be given to projects of national importance running in government research laboratories.

Supercomputers can also be used in areas such as climate modeling, weather forecast, space engineering, seismic analysis, finance disaster simulation and management, large data analytics, information collection etc.


Apart from this, students of Navodaya Vidyalayas will also be introduced to basic supercomputing. Problems related to common man such as irrigation planning, traffic management, a search of cheap medicines etc. will also be redressed.