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New technology Virtual Reality

We all know that as the time increases technology also increases frequently and basically we all need something new in our life so all companies always tries to launch new technologies every day. In ancient times there is no competition and people didn’t expect more, but now there is a lot of competition and technology is on height. We always want new things like new applications and new software etc.

It is very common to watching flat Tv Led or Lcd it’s like writing or typing on typewriter so In this year a new technology is coming Virtual Reality HTC, Kodak, Samsung etc. launches.

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Virtual Reality is like computer-simulated reality in which user can virtually feel the imagined world by touch, sight, smell, hearing the artificial created world. Virtual reality is basically used remote communication use of standard input devices such as a keyboard and mouse, or through Multimodal interactiondevices such as a Wired glove or Omni directional treadmills.

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For example in video games the objects are controlled by joysticks and the moments of objects are tracked by controlling joystick so in virtual reality or in three dimensional world people interact with objects, environment and peoples virtually.

To enter in virtual world user need gloves, goggles and earphones in front of computer screen it replace real world environment to virtual world people feel the environment and changed physical world. This virtual world creates different environment it depends up on computer based platform and mobile phones screen. See also Web Design and Development Services

In this 3-D visualization enables user to see 3D movies, environment to feel the world It includes microphones, earphones, hand gestures, head tracking gestures, finger tracking gestures When user moves the joystick, move of the head, or press any key on the keyboard, the objects of the screen are changes accordingly in a way that user feels if user is directly controlling the objects and environments on the screen. A high speed powerful processor processes the inputs.

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